Biometric entry planned for California skate park!

Biometric entry planned for California skate park!

Things are definitely getting out of hand when you start reading articles like this – the City of Poway in California is going to introduce biometric scans of skaters thumbs to allow or disallow entry into the skate park. One thing is making sure vandalism, bullying and disregard of certain rules don’t take place, but making a skate park look like you are trying to travel overseas and you are getting on a plane? What do you think about it – leave a comment, I want to know!

Here’s the complete post from the San Diego Union Tribune website:

“POWAY — City officials hope to reduce vandalism, bullying and other problems at Poway Skate Park by requiring that children and adults enter the park via a “biometric” thumb scanner.

Skaters and visitors will only gain access through the park’s turnstile once their thumbprint is scanned by the device, which officials hope to have installed by Friday and functioning by April 19.

Park users will be asked to register at the park starting tomorrow to coincide with spring break. Skaters will be required to sign a liability waiver, provide a thumbprint and have their photo taken. The photo and thumbprint will be uploaded to a computer. There is no cost for registration, and admittance to the park is free.

Surveillance cameras also will be installed at the park, so that city officials can match video of violations with photos on file. Skaters may be denied access to the park for days, weeks or indefinitely, depending on the severity of their actions.

Greg Sundberg, Poway senior recreation supervisor, said the skate park has recently experienced many problems, including vandalism to the restrooms, graffiti, fires and visitors bringing bicycles into the park, which is not permitted.

Poway parent Shelly Smart said her sons, ages 7 and 9, are only permitted to skate on Family Night because of her concern about recent events. She said she would be more comfortable allowing her children to visit the park at other times once the scanner is in place. City staff does not monitor the park regularly.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Smart said of the scanner.

The scanner, manufactured by NextgenID, cost the city $5,700, said Frank Casteleneto, a city engineer. City staff hopes the scanner also will help curb minor violations, such as skaters not wearing helmets or kneepads, or kids sneaking bicycles into the park

Though the city discussed issuing identification cards to park users, Sundberg said the idea was scrapped. “It would be too easy for them to just hand their pass back and forth,” he said.

Out-of-town visitors will be required to provide a thumbprint for temporary access to the park.

Sundberg said the system would allow the city to restrict usage to certain age groups on specific days.

“We can program these scanners so that we can have a kids-only day … or an adults-only day,” he said.

Poway residents Josh Thomas, 17, and Rancho Bernardo resident Matt Valencia, 18, said they view the scanner as a violation of their rights, but would probably submit their prints to avoid driving to skate parks in Escondido or Ocean Beach.

“I don’t want (the park) to be trashed, but I don’t think this is the way to go about doing it,” Josh said.

Ramona residents Erika Jacobs and Adam Small visit the park several times a week. Jacobs said she understands the city’s desire to create a safe environment and keep the park maintained, although she feels that security cameras would be enough of a deterrent.

She added that those intent on creating problems would probably avoid having their thumbprint taken and climb over the fence.

There are “so many ways to get around it,” said Jacobs, 20. Kids are smart.”

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  3. Start being okay with “them” doing this here and they will introduce it at public pools, malls, then beaches, next nature parks… where will it end? It won’t.

    You can’t keep saying that “they” can do what they want because I’m not doing anything wrong. How do you know you’re not doing anything wrong? Do you know the law? You can be fined or arrested despite your negligence. You’d be surprised what is allowed and not allowed depending on where you go; such as jaywalking or bouncing a basketball on a sidewalk.

    Do we want a free society based upon improving perceptions towards each other in a balanced way; or do we want a monitored and continuously scanned society based in fear and repression for something so minor like bullying and graffiti?

    Do you want to become like Singapore where you can be arrested for spitting on the sidewalk… or do you want to improve our children’s perceptions through communication and inspiration?

    Do you want people talking to people to express opinions and agree on behaviours or rely on technology to do the policing? Time to wake up and investigate the purpose and methods of those imposing their will upon us. If not, you are letting these paranoid control freaks submit us into tyranny.

    These scanners and video cameras for minor offenses is not the product of a free society. Howabout you spend the 6000 on having volunteer adults supervise this park or else older responsible peers (like the semi-pro boarders) make sure that everything is fair and graffiti is prevented? Then hold events that cause kids to become inspired… giving away free t-shirts and hats and other prizes and so forth. Give the kids a reason to not waste time with bullying and graffiti.

    Rather than pay someone to monitor a camera, you should pay someone to inspire these kids!!!!

  4. What? Just going to a basic park we now have to be scanned? A gal like me needs to worry. It is bad enough that sometimes I have to look over my shoulder as to who might be stalking me. That comes with part of the territory, but this now is putting myself open to being abused. Most men would do plenty to know where I live and at places like a park there are jealous women who scold their men in public for just looking at me alittle bit too long. Will they now get my identity and follow me back or meet me unexpectedly somewhere blaming their inadequacies on me?

    No more needs to be said!
    July 10, 2010/Saturday

  5. What’s next? Implanted RFIDs? Strip searches? Militarized swat teams watching with their fingers on the trigger? This goes beyond insanity and into the playground of oppresive totalitarianism. The town might as well post images of Mao, Stalin & Hitler on the fence!

  6. This is only the beginning. It’s not after these tyrannical devices are installed in all public places that we have to start to complain. Now is the time to stop this Orwellian nightmare. If enough people refuse to go to these prison like places then the message will get through. One might say, well I don’t want to drive far to another location or I don’t want to miss out on my favorite activity. But the point is, is it not worth the sacrifice to ensure your future freedom? New high tech (security) devices have become more and more common in the last decades. Have they made things safer? Or have they made things feel more and more like a prison? It’s our freedom, it’s our future. What will you decide to do?

  7. I like Gregory Stefiuk’s idea that money should be spent on paying an actual person to work with the kids instead of paying for machines to manage everything. I mean with the economy being as it is, it’s time we rethink the idea of paying for machines that do the work a person. Positive role models are more productive than any policing machine ever could be.

  8. No secret banking and industrial families are finalizing destruction of all sovereign nations and to rule the world via a “new world order”. These people consider us as cattle, not as human beings.

    I will not be taking my kids to this venue and don’t support any procedures that move away from liberty, but rather toward a total control grid police state. Take your biometrics and surveillance, take your new world order and shove it.

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  10. They’re introducing the police-state repression mentality little by little, with an emphasis on changing the culture and the new generations coming up. You can be sure this is being orchestrated from above, probably the fascist Council on Foreign Relations or some Rockefeller foundation.

  11. This post is starting to raise quite a few eyebrows finally – it is definitely one of the strangest things I have ever heard of in combination with skateboarding.

  12. If you want to be free, boycott the park, forever. The park must go completely out of business as a warning to other potential fascists.

  13. Yes i agree with Gregory Stefiuk – all sensible, rational & enriching ideas – i call on everyone who visits this park to find out exactly who came up with this F***ed up idea and legally expose them as being an out of control sicko!!! Call you local council to find out, lodge a complaint and attend the next council meeting with a whole heap of people…

  14. It’s a free park. A boycott would have no effect. I’d rather skate the streets than tha tpark anyway. It is not very good.

  15. Naked body scanners in airports, retroactive immunity for warrantless wiretaps on American citizens, cameras at every intersection, Congressional bills proposing national ID cards, police taking forced blood samples from suspected drunk drivers on the street…on and on and on I could go.

    It’s time to protest this stuff while we still have the 1st Amendment. If we refuse to acquiesce, their police state system will fail. Civil disobedience! Climb the fences and skate the park in a mass demonstration. It’s a public park and citizens don’t have to violate their own privacy to utilize their property. I believe this is a 5th Amendment issue that could easily be challenged.

  16. They are getting the general masses to except that you are guilty until proven innocent. It’s 1984 come alive cameras on every street corner, your tv is a two camera if it was made before 1992,nsa super domestic spy center to log all of our communications and build accurate profiles about us through the easy tracking of our everyday life. They have A.I. that can predict what you will do before you do it with high accuracy. Body scanners that destroy your dna and map your body system. A social security card that you need to do anything big like a loan, job, etc.. that they will have to bail out soon because they broke that system to.Fiat currency that keeps you in debt from cradle to grave. Experimenting on the world with deadly cell phone radiation,floridation,chemtrails,made diseases like,ebola,aids,swine flu,bird flu. They want to have precrime mind scanners on every street corner to preemptively take you out before you do anything. Suspending habis corpus so they can have the army help police are streets, to get us used to the fact that we are in a police state ever since the false flag 911. And Very soon their will be full blown Active martial law, tracking RFID bracelets,implantable chips,confiscation of your property, forced labor camps. Get the picture their is a lot more at stake than this random typical in your face loss of liberty that we all seem to tolerate. “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security, will deserve neither and lose both.” and if you don’t know who originally said that, then we are all lost.

  17. they had one of these things last time i skated creation skatepark in Birmingham England, it was lame, and kinda pointless. theres literally no need really. incidently they changed the layout of the park and ruined it so due to that, the expensive entry fee, and the scanners, i dont bother going there anymore.

  18. i think this is a good idea but how are you going to get the skaters fingerprints and not the yobs also if someone new goes to the park then they wont be able to skate it and if someone starts skating then they wont be allowed in to the park either so it is a bad idea in that respect

  19. We have this at my local park in Birmingham England and its ridiculous! They installed a cheap system so it keeps breaking down, but more importantly is just the insanity of having to do a finger scan to get into the skatepark that I personally have watched change hands and transform over its lifetime, while I am still there riding every week! People say ‘if im not doing anything wrong then it doesnt matter….’. what about those of us who used to do things wrong, i have a criminal record from when i was younger that isnt going away, and the police and govornment can even check how many times I go to my local skatepark!!
    I think somebody hit the nail onthe head earlier with a comment – the more we get used to this the more it will happen and before you know it they have checks on us everywhere we go, when we get in our cars, when we go out to a party, everything!

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