Blackout Team Battle April 4th 2009

Blackout Team Battle April 4th 2009

This news just came into the Europeskate HQ today – Switzerland is putting itself back on the skateboard contest map as Blackout Magazine has put together a contest for Saturday, April 4th 2009 in the brand new Freestyle Park in Zurich, Switzerland.

Lots of different contest formats will be taking place during this day: “team of 3” classic street contest, highest wallride, best trick, most creative trick and the hardest ollie will be thrown in there to make the entire day even more fun. The Blackout Magazine team stress the fact that this is the first and the last contest taking place in this great looking park so if you can get there, make sure you do.

– Click here to get the the 360 degree view of this mad looking indoor skate park!

360 view of the skate park in Zurich
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