Bling Fest and Active Am contests videos and results

Bling Fest video

Just last weekend two of the year’s largest street skateboarding events took place – the Bling Fest and the Active Am contests. The Bling Fest is the west coast’s biggest best-trick contest where 200 of the world’s top professional skateboarders compete to win cash. One-hundred dollar bills were handed out to skaters landing the best tricks during the jam session.
Active AM features over twenty-five of the world’s top amateur skateboarders, selected by team managers and industry pros, to compete. Find out who stole the show and watch some videos to start the weekend off just right!

And here are the results for ya:

Bling Fest 2007 Overall Results
First place: Billy Marks

Bling Fest 2007 KR3W Best Trick Contest Results

First place:Adam Dyet

Active Am 2007 Results

1. Wes Kremer
2. Chris Pfanner
3. David Loy

Check out the Bling Fest video from Vitalskate

And here’s the Active Am video for you as well!

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