Bling Fest with 20000 dollars going for the winners

Bling Fest 2007

The Bling Fest is yet again around the corner and we can’t resist writing about contests which will see many top pro skaters going head to head. Saturday, November 17th The Rancho Cucamonga Epicenter in California will once again be the home to the Bling Fest 2007. Chad Muska will be on the mic to get the crowd moving and keep the atmosphere buzzing. Find out who’s coming to this big event over in the States.

This year there will be $20,000 in cash and prizes and over a hundred of the best professional and amateur skaters in the world ready to claim the cash. As it seems to be the way contest are heading, hunderd dollar bills will be given to the tricks that the judges think are the best and worthy. Nice job to be able to throw money around at good skaters!

Bling Fest flyer

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