Blockless Combat Vert Contest in Birmingham, England

Blockless Combat Vert Contest

The last contest in the UK Independent Vert Contest series is coming up Sunday, September 23rd in the Creation skatepark in Birmingham, England. The whole event has been named “Blockless Combat 4”.

Here’s what the organizers of the contest series have to say about it all:

Hopefully this will keep people updated on the UK Independent vert series that is going on. The whole deal is to run a series of vert comps, A & B group, so that the end of the year someone gets to say they are the UK 2007 VERT CHAMPION. (It’s been a long time since a tital like this has been available to win.) The idea came about as a natural progression. Vert skaters have been doing there own thing for years (away from the big sponsership deal). Trawler has been running his Vert Jam in Mount Hawke, Cornwall. Wingy & John have been running the Seaside Special at Blackpool with the help of Big Woody. Jim has been runnning Blockless at Epic skatepark, Birmingham. Each comp was just a fun event to get skaters together and to get more kids into riding vert. This year they will be strung together so you can get a UK ranking. (I will explain how the points system works elsewhere).

Keep up with the results and who can call themselves the 2007 UK Vert Champion over at their MySpace website.

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