Boardstein Skate Jam in Karlsruhe, Germany November 3-4

Boardstein Magazine is organizing a skate jam in Karlsruhe, Germany on November 3rd and 4th with several different contests all put together in one cool event. The main contest will be run in team format with 3 people in a team.

To get in and just watch you only have to dish out 6 Euros and if you want to skate you should let them know you are coming because the Rock & Rollbar has restricted space – just so that you don’t have to stand and watch! There are 4 different competitions going on:

– Team Jam
– Mini-Ramp Jam
– Ladies Jam
– Best Trick Jam

Two different groups are available: under 18 and over 18 – for the team jam the average age of the team members decide which group you skate in. The best trick jam will be a 30 minute jam session in which the riders decide who did the best trick. To skate in the contest you need 10 euros.

And that’s not all: Boardstein will be holding a sweepstakes and you won’t be hunger as they always organize some good food and cooking for fair prices. On Saturday evening three bands – COBRETTI, THE HANGUPS und CIVIL VICTIM – three times hardcore will be getting you in the mood to slam dance and most likely a new video premiere will round off the day.

If you want to sign up, go over to the Boardstein website…

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