Bologna concrete skatepark, Italy

Bologna skatepark

Ohhhh yeah, this one looks damn fun to skate. It is supposedly nothing for beginners, starting at 1,80 meter and going up to 3,30 meters and everything has vert on it. Don’t forget to take a helmet cause you have to wear one and I think it is a smart idea to do so…we all want to live and skate long now don’t we?!

There’s something like a cradle but some like to call it a visor because it is smaller…fair enough. A huge band, some hips, oh yeah a full-pipe which is pretty tight but -get this- you can ride OVER it!!!! To get in you have to have three Euros and make sure the guys don’t try to make you buy insurance for a year for 20 Euros. Doesn’t make much sense for a weekend. Check the map below. I couldn’t actually find the exact position of the park yet but here’s how to get there:

Get on the A14 highway and hit the exit Bologna Centro / Via Stalingrado. Then you have to drive in the direction out of town for around 600 meters, turn right, find a camping spot and then you are just about right!

[gmap name=’Bologna’ lat=’44.52550′ lng=’11.36649′ zoom=’8′ width=’680′ desc=’’Bologna concrete skatepark, Italy’]

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