Bones skatepark in Bolton, England in arson attack

Talk about some bad news for the skaters over in Stockport, England. Just last year the Bones skatepark had to close it’s doors to the public due to financial troubles and now unknown vandals laid fire to the park causing major damage.

Firefighters spent nearly 10 hours tackling the blaze at Bones Skatepark, after being alerted to the fire at midnight on Sunday. Two large ramps were destroyed after youths supposedly broke in through a side door before setting the building alight.About a quarter of the building was damaged. Workers had been forced to weld shut the doors of the skatepark before the incident after a number of break-ins. A gang of about 20, aged 12 to 20, have been coming down here and breaking into the building to use the ramps because they say the new skatepark is no good.

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