Bowl-A-Rama 2009 results from Wellington

Bowl-A-Rama 2009 results from Wellington

This is what happens when you get caught up in real life – I forgot about the Bowl-A-Rama 2009 in New Zealand and Australia, the first of the two contests took place just yesterday February 14th in Wellington and as usual the turnout was great!

Perfect weather (supposedly after hours of rain!), a nice bowl and a good sized crowd pushed the skaters to do their lines and then add on a few big tricks to try and take home the top spot. Here are the results and some of the first pictures I grabbed off the web for you from “pooria Koleyni” who’s a Flickr photographer. So you can embed Flickr slideshows…life is cool, you never stop learning!

go to the Wellington Bowl-A-Rama website

Pro Division
1. Benji Galloway
2. Ross McGouran
3. Tim Johnson
4. Otavio Neto
5. Jimmy “Greek” Marcus
6. Corbin Harris
7. Colin Provost
8. Chris Senn
9. Sergie Ventura
10. Daniel Cardone

Masters Division
1. Nicky Guerrero
2. Pat Ngoho
3. Jason Parks
4. Sasha Steinhorst
5. Mike Rogers
6. Mark Samuels

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