Brandon Westgate Is Epicly Laterd – Part 1

Epicly Later’d is back and they are here with a force that has been mixing up the skateboard scene with an incredible amount of raw skateboarding skill. We are talking about Brandon Westgate who made an entry and has never looked back, turning heads and making jaws drop where he turns up. If you are looking for a lot of skateboarding in a video, this may not be for you – it’s more about finding out about who Brandon really is as a person .Enjoy Part 1 of the Epicly Later’d series- here’s the official intro text:

Brandon Westgate’s part in Stay Gold was fucking awesome. To people really paying attention, this was not much of a surprise—he’s been killing it for about 6 years now. Brandon is usually the kind of person that people write about by saying “he lets his skating do the talking,” and that really doesn’t work for our purposes, so Patrick went up to Wareham and coaxed Brandon into talking about cranberry bogs, lawn mower parts, and dentists who trade Vicodins for BJs.

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