Brian Wenning Joins Selfish Skateboards

Brian Wenning Joins Selfish Skateboards

A few weeks ago I was up pretty late at night listening to music and checking out some of the Europeskate social networks when I heard about Jereme Rogers and his new skateboard company Selfish Skateboards. Of course I was interested to find out where this new development was heading. I mean, Jereme retired from skateboarding at a pretty young age and now he’s back. And now another big hitter who has seen the ups and downs of the skateboard industry machinery has turned up and joined forces with Jereme – no one less than Brian Wenning! Here’s the official announcement from Selfish Skateboards – just to refresh your memory I’ve also attached two videos featuring Jereme Rogers and Brian Wenning:

We are proud to announce second pro rider on Selfish Skateboards. Representing the East Coast to the fullest none other than the Ski Mask Bandit: Brian Wenning.

“I made a huge mistake quitting Habitat and the day after I realized what I did made me hate what I loved all my life..and people could tell ….It gave me a very nasty taste of the industry..I didn’t even want to look at a skateboard for a little while Alien/habitat it was based on trust as is Selfish.. no corporate nonsense, with this new brand (Selfish) I feel the feeling of loving skating again….it’s a new start and makes me want to skate and just have the love again to just skate bottom line…basically amped again and when people have your back I will have theirs fully…We are about to keep it movin’ and have fun doing it”

“When Jereme retired, I always said ‘Damn I should’ve done that!’ I fully supported his decision to do that…Sometimes you need a break no matter what it is…bottom line, I’m happy me and him are linked back up on a different level now, this whole situation is my type shit”

» Brian Wenning: “By jumping on board with Jereme and him having faith in me, I am ready to do whatever it takes to make it work, as with the people behind the scenes are also… like our guys using real wood not china made buffoonery, from that to the Graphic guys, marketing dudes and our Distribution, every company had to start somewhere and I think people will be shocked by how solid everything is set up. I’m ready”

» Jereme Rogers: “I’m excited and honoured to have Wenning aboard Selfish to be the first link to building our team. He’s one of the pros that I enjoyed watching skate. He has a classic style and has been an innovator for as long as he’s been around. I look forward to building off of this foundation and extending our team”

» Visit the Selfish Skateboards blog

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