Bristol’s Finest Full-Length Video

Get 30 minutes of UK skateboarding in your face - watch Bristol's Finest here!

Where the hell is Bristol? I know, I’ve been there and there are some damn good skaters.

Of course you can’t know where every city in the world is. For those of you wondering, Bristol is located on the southwest coast of England, just over 100 miles west of London. The city is in the list of the UKs top ten most populous cities and it has a bustling skateboard scene which has spat out quite a few talented and known skaters. One of which is Danny Wainwright and he’s been running his very own skateboard shop (Fifty Fifty )in Bristol for more than 10 years now.

If you don’t happen to receive the Sidewalk Skateboarding Magazine which was sold with FIFTY FIFTY / BRISTOL IN BLOOM / SKATEBOARD CAFE collaboration video, BRISTOL’S FINEST – A Bristol Scene Video, no worries. This is when the lovely technology we know as the Internet comes in handy with a full version of the video, for free and legal! Seriously grab a drink and a bite to eat, sit down and enjoy some shredding for the next 30 minutes. Featuring skateboarding antics from KORAHN GAYLE / FLYNN TROTMAN / DAN WILEMAN / PAUL CARTER / OWEN HOPKINS / MATT WILLIAMS / TOM GIBBS / DAVE SNADDON / NICKY HOWELLS / ANDY MAKEPEACE / DYLAN HUGHES / JESS YOUNG / LOUIS MARSHALL / ZAK PITTER / JUSTIN SYDENHAM / WILL AINLEY / DANNY WAINWRIGHT / ASHLEY SKIDMORE / ASHTON LAUNCHERLEY / LAYTH SAMI / MARK PRITCHARD / PAT GARRAHY / JACK THOMPSON / CHRIS JONES / BILL SMITH / RICH SMITH / ANDY COLEMAN / LOUIS GANE / TRISTAN BONNOMET / BEN MINORS / JASON LEWER / HARRY OGILVIE / JAMES GUTHRIE / AND A WHOLE HOST OF OTHERS…..

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