Bucky Lasek’s backyard bowl is ready to rip!

Bucky Lasek's backyard pool ready to rip!

Concrete Disciples just put out yet another great interview/article entitled “HEAVEN / BUCKY LASEK’S BOWL” which shows off the utterly stunning new backyard (yeah, that’s right, in his garden!) pool which already looks incredibly large in the photos! This seriously one hell of a dream come true – here’s one short excerpt from the whole check-out from Bucky Lasek himself – click on the picture from “MRZ” below which shows the bowl without skaters to go straight on over to read this one and drool a bit over the amazing pictures!

“Well, I always wanted to build something nice and big. I’ve always ridden these bowls that just didn’t feel right. They were all kind of whippy. They were really tight, fast, and it always hurt when I fell. I just wanted to relate what bowls are today to what vert skating is becoming with the big trannys. It’s a lot easier on your body. You can go a lot faster and a lot bigger. So, we built this bowl. It’s 13.5 ft. deep in the arrow head section and it’s 12.8 ft. in the round. It’s on a slight slope and I made all the hips 45 degrees or less. Real mellow so you don’t get caught with any sharp edges, so you don’t get jammed up”

the insane backyard bowl - click here to read the article on Concrete Disciples
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