Built To Skate 08 free concrete event

Built to Skate 08 Austria

More DIY contests and events coming our way, this time from the Muckefuck Skateboard guys out of Austria. Last year they put together the first “Built to Skate” event in which spots are chosen and new concrete elements are created to make the spots even more interesting to skate.

This year 4 spots will be selected from the received suggestions and 30 bags of concrete will be used at each location to create something new. All you have to do is make sure your spot isn’t in the middle of a quite neighbourhood, take a picture of the spot and send it in. This looks like an Austria only contest but if new spots are made, why not? Sure is a good idea and it may get us all thinking to start more of these events everywhere!

All suggestions must be sent in by August 31th, 2008 to “info AT muckefuckskateboards DOT com

The event is being sponsored by Red Bull Austria and Quiksilver

Have a look at what took place last year in this video:

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