Burger King starts extreme sports video contest in Sweden

Burger King Sweden video contest

Ahhh, skateboarding is becoming more and more attractive for the big businesses out there which are looking for ever new ways to market their products and brands. Fair enough and good for us skaters…with skateboarding itself supposedly already crossing the 5 billion dollar mark worldwide as an industry, it’s no wonder to any logically thinking person that companies are licking their lips because of this target group.

Speaking of licking your lips – Burger King has jumped into the “extreme” sport arena in Sweden and is offering 50.000 Kronen (something like 6.700 Euros or 10.000 US Dollars) for the best extreme video – just make your film, upload it and possibly win. Maybe stuffing a Whopper in your mouth while you’re doing a treflip could get you some extra points….

Take a look at the videos and learn some Swedish right here…

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