C1RCA Team Battle – Cradle Skatepark in Austria

C1RCA Team Battle - Cradle Skatepark in Austria

Just when I thought the number of mails coming in dealing with new contests was slowing down, that’s of course when it’s going to really start up again. The C1RCA Team Battle will be taking place on July 18th, 2009 at the Cradle Skatepark in Brixlegg, Austria and the guys from Last Try Magazine are presenting this street and bowl contest. There will also be a best trick contest on the brand new rainbow rail over the water gap. 3000 Euros in cash are waiting for the best teams and the best tricks on the rail. Now that sounds like some good solid fun to watch or get involved with. So put together a team of three skaters and get ready for the this contest at the great Cradle park!

Visit the Cradle Skatepark website

C1RCA Team Battle on July 18th 2009
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