Caliber Truck Co

Caliber Truck Co. – A Day at St. Helena Skatepark

It’s what I love about skateboarding – you always can find something new. Brands, products, skaters and skateparks you don’t know and then you happen to find a video which stokes you. This is what happened to me when I found this 10 month old video edit from Caliber Truck Co. which let me sit in my home in Hamburg, Germany and watch some great skateboarding at the St. Helena skatepark in California.

Kyle Smith, Cameron Revier and special guest Sean Imes take the park apart with great lines and style. I haven’t tried Caliber Trucks before, sure look like they’re more than okay!

PRODUCED BY: Jack Boston and Jordan Tabayoyon

Caliber Truck Co. – A Day at St. Helena Skatepark from Caliber Truck Co. on Vimeo.

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