checks out Ryan Sheckler checks out Ryan Sheckler

yeah, of course. Because everything in skateboarding revolves around one skateboarder, right? Wrong…that’s just out of proportion and quite silly to hear when people talk about him. Sure, he’s done some let’s say different ads for companies which have absolutely nothing to do with skateboarding except for aiming at one of the most lucrative age groups, some shows you and i wouldn’t watch if you paid us, but really, is anybody forcing you to have to deal with him???

I haven’t felt any bad effects or vibes hitting Germany because Ryan did something, anything, some where on this planet. All I know is that he’s one hell of a skateboarder and it sure is fun to watch what he can do with his board.

Whatever your opinion is about the guy, check out the video interview with Ryan Sheckler. Good to hear what he has to say…and yeah, leave your wicked, supportive, aggressive, I love him comments here for us all to hear what your opinion. No hiding now either…if you can dish out grief then don’t be a wimp and hide behind some pseudo name!

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