Cancer Research Jam video footage shows off UK skateboarding skills

Cancer research Jam footage

The Cancer Research Jam took place at the end of January 2008 at the Manchester Central Skatepark with a bunch of the UK’s top skaters coverging on the park to ultimately tear it to bits! I’m not just writing that to make it sound good, make sure you sit back and watch the video, these guys are raising the level of skateboarding every year putting the UK and Europe big time on the skateboard map.

Not only did the event raise awareness for a good cause and £4188 for cancer research. It also sent out a message to the public that skaters and skateboarding can do something to support and not destruct. Some of us may not really care what the general public think about us which is quite often the only and the best choice, but it doesn’t hurt to do something good either. Hopefully more events like this will take place around Europe and the world.

Not to forget, the skaters did not go out “empty”: £1000 was was waiting to be won and here are the results of the over 18’s contest:

1st: Nick Stansfield
2nd: Aaron Sweeney
3rd: Ollie Tyreman
4th: Eddie Belvedere
5th: Mike Wright
6th: Rob Smith
7th: Josh Parr

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