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Back again during my well-deserved 3-day vacation from work to keep my word and add a skatepark a day – I just put in two more so I have to add in 8 more still today to be right on time *laugh*. Let’s see how far I get today! Here’s some quick news for you guys:

– the Playground skatepark in Aurich, Germany looks like it could be closed in the near future. The new city mayor has decided that there aren’t enough events happening there to support investing money for getting kids off the streets and into a cool sport. Hope the skaters down there can get something moving and save the park. If you want to support them, you can write to city politicians and tell them to support skateboarding (might help if you speak German 🙂 ask me if you need something translated! I’ll help out!)

– Since I am adding in skate spots around Europe, I won’t start concentrating on single cities yet (this is a feature for the future so that you can road-trip it to a city, like Paris for example, and find all the spots for that specific city instead of just one spot…this will take time though so bear with me!) Anyway, here’s a link in German with a lot of spots in Potsdam, Germany:

Spots in Potsdam, Germany

So I’ll get back to it, I have a few spots to include still…

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