Be Skateboarding Mag - Chaos

CHAOS by Be Skateboarding Mag

Be Skateboarding Mag is a relatively new online (and soon print) skateboard mag which I found the other day and they are already doing a nice job covering skateboarding news from Barcelona, Spain.

They also just put out this cool video edit of skateboarding in Barcelona with a long list of skaters which is definitely worth watching – featuring Javier Sarmiento, Dani Lebrón, Erik Pettersson , Ignacio Morata “Nachete”, Jesús Fernández, Anthony Lopez, Marek Zaprazny, Pol Catena, Juampe, Bruno Aguero, Gabriel Fortunato, Alex Lekinho, Dani Jenks, Jorge Simoes, Carlos Ribeiro, Ricardo Santos, Michael Sommer, Chris Ville and Fran Molina

Filmed and edited by Charles Chaves – stay tuned as I will be interviewing them about their plans for 2016 and beyond.

Be Skateboarding Mag | Chaos from Be Skate Mag on Vimeo.

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