Check Out Adrien Coillard and Doble Skateboards

Check Out Adrien Coillard and Doble Skateboards

Never heard of Adrien Coillard before and Doble Skateboards just came up sometime on my skateboard related radar but after watching this video I had to look them both up.

Adrien Coillard is a 15 year old ripper out of Lyon France and when you watch the video you’ll see that if he sticks to skating, he’s got a bright future waiting for him in the skateboard circus. Doble Skateboards – well I knew I had seen the name somewhere before. The Globe Shoes team stopped by their new indoor mini-ramp recently while traveling through France and took it apart. They are located in Saint-Hostien, France and according to their website they’ve been around since 2003. I’m contacting them for more info – enjoy the video in the meantime.

» check out the Doble Skateboards website!

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