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Many of you out there (I hope at least) have come across the new online magazine Tweaker Zine dedicated to skateboarding, artists and the lifestyle around our little/big world, depending on how you see it. I personally have already become a fan of the Flash based magazine which continues to put fresh new articles, photgraphy, interviews and insights out on their website. I caught up through email exchange with one of the makers behind the magazine, a guy going by the name of Gorm. Enjoy….

– My first question before the interview (they say no question is stupid), what is your whole name?
My Name is Gorm Ashurst, although Gorm is not my real name, What is my real name? I could tell you but then I would have to kill you.

– So who is the brain behind Tweaker?

Since you are asking it is Myself, and Paul Gonella, with help from a whole bunch of friends such as Hopson, Turner, Thompson, Isaac and the demons from the internoodles.

– What brought you to skateboarding?
Like a lot of folk of a certain age Michael J Fox brought me to skateboarding via Back to The Future – I liked it when Bif got covered in shit.

– How did the idea start to create an online mag in Flash format?
Always have done some kind of internet thing. 10 years ago I ran

– How do feel about how skateboarding is developing with all of the X-Games, Mountain Dew tours etc. and some skaters earning millions?
Yes and no – I don’t think that any skater should feel bad about excepting money, we all got to live right? Just who from?

– The network you work with is quite extensive! What’s the background behind the many people involved?

Errrrrmm we all lurk in the same websites such as flickr, sidewalk, Gay Shoes, and lookatmylenseisitnotbig

– If you had the chance to interview anybody in the world, who would it be and why?

Ronald McDonald – What the Fuck are you doing to our children, but why do your breakfasts taste so dam good?

– Any famous last words for the readers?
Reign in Blood !!!!!!!!!!!!

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