Check out Gus King – 11 year old skater out of Essex, England

Gus King

Maybe you have been following what is going on here at Europeskate so you’ll remember the “Raise The Dead” video contest we did last month (watch the winning entries right here). Second place went to the young ripper Gus King out of Essex who proved his skating abilities and he will remain a skater to watch in the years to come.

We asked him some questions about himself and got some nice photographs to go along with it. Just for you skateboard companies out there – I’d suggest someone sponsor him soon!

How did you get into skateboarding and when?

A new skatepark was built near by so my dad took me over there. Saw some kids skating and liked the look of it. My dad used to skate so he was interested as well, that was about 4 years and a half years ago

What is your current board set-up?

I ride a Think 7.5, grind kings and hubba wheels

Gus King in Biarritz Gus doing a lien to tail

Where do you usually skate and what is your favourite terrain? Street, pool, halfpipe?

Local spots and parks, ipswich is a cool place to skate, lots of decent guys too. I also love Bay66 in london and the new bowls in Saffron Walden. I guess my favorite terrain is tranny, I love hips and all that stuff

Who do you skate with and which skaters do you look at for new ideas?

Just friends and random people I bump into. As for ideas anything that looks good I’ll give it a go.

How does your skateboard future look like for you?

Its really early for me so lets just see what happens.

Gus flying nicely over the hip

How much support do you get from your parents, other skaters, companies?

My dad is mega and takes me (and my friends) all over the place. All skaters are cool and they always look out for me. Up until a few weeks ago I was skating for Hawk clothing Europe and they were great I even skated in europe three times and once with Hawk himself. Unfortunately quiksilver pulled the plug and the team is no more which I’m real sad about. For a few years now the super good people over at Shiner have been hooking me up with my Think decks, Grind Kings trucks and Hubba wheels so thats made things cool as well

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