Check Out Liquid Skateboards from Holland

Check Out Liquid Skateboards from Holland

Sometimes I need not only one reminder but around 5 to get something done and that has been the case with presenting the Dutch skateboard company Liquid Skateboards so sorry guys, my mistake!

They supplied me with a test board last year, the 8.25 Robot deck which I skated on all terrains (street and mainly bowl and halfpipe) with Indy Trucks and either Bones Wheels in the bowl/halfpipe or Teenage Runaway wheels while riding the streets. Made out of 100% Canadian maple wood, the deck surprised me with a really comfortable concave that worked for me everywhere, a good solid flex and a nice pop . Altogether I was happy to have made the contact with Liquid Skateboards as I had a good board for over a whole month of skating.

Because of my delayed report of course a new collection of decks has come out in the meantime and these guys have a good feeling for nice designs. Besides skateboard decks, Liquid Skateboards offers wheels, cruisers, clothing and some various accessories as well, worth a look and support!

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