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Ricardo Oliveira Assis (or alias Ricardo Porva) – does the name ring a bell for you? If you have been following street skating worldwide than you know that this talented skater out of Porva Cáceres, Brazil has been up at a top level for the last few years. We caught up with him and he gave us some personal insights into his life.

Ricardo is listed on the slightly unbalanced World Skateboarding Association’s 2007 ranking at 14th in the world (he made only 2 out of 5 contests. Only a few other skaters even made it to three.) and made 4th place this year at the Mystic Cup in Prag after winning it in 2006. And just look at the results at most large contests worldwide and you’ll see his name in there with the top skaters around.

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He was kind enough to take some time and give us some answers about his life. This is what he has to say…

How did you start skateboarding and when?

I started skating in 1991. I had a bike and my neighbour had a skateboard so every day I called him to go the square to ride my bike and skate, but when I tried his skateboard just a little I fell in love, so I sold my bike and got a skateboard too and after that I never stopped skating. Skating every day and all the time.

What do you love the most about skateboarding?

I love different places, different people and skating in different spots. Travelling a lot and always having fun. Everywhere that you go you can always find a nice person and stay in their house. Skateboarding is the best thing that happened in all my life, I am sure of that.

Where do you like to skate the most?

I like to skate at spots where I feel good, that’s it. Wherever!!!

What is your favourite spot?

Barcelona is the best place to skate in my opinion, but my favourite spots are rails and down ledges.

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What are your best tricks?

Definitely 360 flips, I love that trick.

What is your dream trick?

360 Flip to BS Nose Blunt, maybe one-day …smiles…hehehhehhehe

If you could be another skateboarder for one day, who would you be?

Danny Way, he his impressive, amazing…like an immortal man.

How does your future look?

I want to continue work with skateboarding forever, maybe editing some videos, take some pictures, maybe I will get a skate shop, maybe team manager ….I don´t know…

Who had a big effect on your life?

In skateboarding a lot of friends like: Nilton Neves, Fabiano Bianchin, Tarobinha, Fabio Cristiano, Fabio Pen, Ragueb Rogério, Xuxinha, Guilherme Zolin, etc….and in my personal life my daughter for sure, she changed all my life, all my thoughts!!!

Ricardo Porva - Ollie

Last words – tell the world whatever you want!

Just try your best, always believe in yourself, impossible things don´t exist – all is possible, keep skating and do and say good things where ever you guys go and believe in God – he is real, he is with you always !!!
Have a nice day for everybody!!! God bless you.Satisfaction …

Ricardo is sponsored by Connexion Wheels, Plasma, Oakley Eyewear and Volcom Stone. Thanks!

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