Chet Childress, Al Partanen And Shrunken Head Skateboards

Chet Childress, Al Partanen And Shrunken Head Skateboards

Been sort of on a break the last two weeks – just too much other stuff going on in my life but things are settling down and it’s time to get skateboarding back in the front seat. Chet Childress and Al Partanen have always come up with some very gnarly lines in videos so I was happy to find this little skateboard gem this morning. Check out what they do in their “Fully Flared” video parts for Shrunken Head Skateboards. Find Al’ backside boneless and Chet’s frontside grind revert for example – just two stylish, speedy and tough tricks from many in this clip!

And you like what you see, head over to their blog/website for even more video footage. And if you don’t like what these guys are doing, then I really don’t know what you are doing on this site!

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