Chili Bowl 9 Contest Footage

The Chili Bowl 9 took place just this past weekend and as always the level of skateboarding was incredible. As always being one of the “older” skaters around (I’m 41 now so yeah, I guess I can say that..) and having grown up with skateboarding everything that had vert on it with pads, I’m always amazed at these skaters going at it on concrete bowls with no pads and ripping the spots to pieces like they were riding a little quarterpipe.

Final Results of the Chilli Bowl 9:

Pro/Am Open
1. Ronnie Sandoval
2. Chris Russell
3. Chris Gregson
4. Cody Chapman
5. Kevin Kowalski
6. Demarcus James

1. Jeff Taylor
2. Eric Bibelheimer
3. Jimmy Marcus

1. Julz Lynn
2. Lizzie Armanto
3. Alysha Bergado

1. CJ Collins
2. Seth Sanders
3. Felix Meyers

Chili Cook Off
1. Josh Matlock – Grandma’s Chili
2. Carmen and Lydia Visser – Goat Gap
3. Jane Ireland – Blood of The Beast

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