Chris Haslam gets interviewed on Epicly Later’d

First things first, you may have noticed that some of the site was messed up. Well, after a lot of messing around with the code, I changed the design and got a lot working again, but I will have to just include links to the maps pages in the future to make everything work. So it’s the same page everybody, no worries…the site continues on it’s mission!

So unless you have been hiding behind the moon, you’ve heard of Epicly Later’d, at first site a web page which looks just like a list of links but that’s why one has to read between the lines these days and search for the right information. Or just get somebody to tell you, “Hey, there’s an interview eith Chris Haslam from the guys behind Epicly Later’d over on VBS.TV“…yeah, I did it the easy way. So have a look behind the scenes of the Globe video and Chris Haslam himself, it’s worth every penny – wait, it doesn’t cost anything….man, this has been a long day!

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