CLASH 2011 Presented By Relentless In Berlin

And it’s time to finally get some upcoming contest news in here as the CLASH 2011 contest presented by Relentless will be taking place in Berlin, Germany May 20 – 22 at the Skatehalle Berlin

Who’s going to be there? The Berlin-born, lazer flip wizard, Willow; tech wonder and former Euro champ, Alex Mizurov; style king Andy Welther; contest killer Axel Cruysberghs, Big Ben Nordberg plus a bunch of other top class skaters from all over the place. Also confirmed are Holland’s Wieger van Wageningen, Germany’s Lem Villmin, Finland’s Eniz Fazliov, Englishman Benny Fairfax, Portuguese Ruben Rodriguez and many more. On top of that, rumors of potential big names from the US are growing. Find out what else will be happening, new changes to the obstacles and the time schedule after the jump…

Meanwhile, the crew around Lennie Burmeister are not afraid of getting their hands dirty and have announced the bowl renovation will be finalized late March. Well renovation is an understatement, more like re-invention: the additional corner grants a new lease of life to the ramp, liberating it from its “dead end”. Lennie also took care of ironing out some of the bowl’s wrinkles and supplied the new section with granite coping as smooth as the chocolate on an Easter Egg. Everyone who witnessed Jürgen Horrwarth’s first take on the new round, must have cracked a smile inside thinking of that upcoming Death or Glory Bowl Jam presented by Zimtstern… Saturday night’s headliners for the CLASH party should brighten up your face even more. In line with Relentless Energy Sessions, “Foreign Beggars” come to town on May 21st starting at 23:00h, live at Cassiopeia. This means: bass, blowing you out of your shoes and rhymes, to leave you breathless – UK grime at its best! Brrrraa! German DJ-legend Stylewarz provides support for the Beggars whilst the Modern Stalking DJ Team rocks the second floor with their “Eurotrash Roots Reggae for Speedfreaks and Punk Poppers” set and rare groove and soul tunes add to the night in the Biergarten.

TIMETABLE FRIDAY Practice 20:00-22:00h – Wildcard Session Street & Bowl SAMSTAG 12:30h – Elimination Street 17:00h – Death or Glory Bowljam presented by Zimtstern 23:00h – Relentless Energy Sessions with Foreign Beggars and DJ Stylewarz SUNDAY 13:00h – Semi Final Street 15:00h – Relentless-Vertjam 16:30h – Final Street 17:30h – Cash 4 Tricks Street TICKETS 2-Day Tickets 12,-EUR, / Red.8,-EUR Dayticket 8,- EUR / Red. 5,-EUR ADMISSION FEE Wildcardsession: 15,-EUR Street or Bowl / 20,-EUR Street and Bowl VISIT and MEDIA CONTACT Daniel Kalthoff, Skatehalle-Berlin, Revaler Str.99, 10245 Berlin, Germany , Tel: +49 30 29 36 29 66

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