Cliché Skateboards With The Encore Trailer

It’s out and ready for you to wathc – the Cliché Skateboards video trailer for the upcoming free DVD release entitled “Encore” with full parts from Brophy, Brezinski, Puig and it features all the French Fred commercials, LA CLICHE PROMO, the Gypsea tour, Eastern, Mazal Tov, Espresso and Flamenco tours, flow parts from Mauro Caruso, John Tanner and Boris Proust, Keystone and Carbonlight commercials and the Berrics Cliché United Nations part. 96 minutes of Cliché Skateboards, what more can you ask for???

Where’s the next skate shop? Or maybe they’ll drop a pack with Europeskate? I think I’ll ask! Enjoy and keep you eyes open for the full release from Cliché Skateboards!

Cliché Encore dvd trailer from Cliché Skateboards on Vimeo.

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