Concrete bowl landscape being built in Flensburg, Germany

Concrete landscape being built in Flensburg,Germany

Great way for me to start the day of…around an hour away from Hamburg, Germany is a town on the northern coast of Germany by the name of Flensburg. Earlier this year the skatepark construction company received the go to build a concrete skatepark and it is well underway! Dive in to take a peek at yet another beautiful flowing concrete arena!

Okay, I’m getting all poetic on you but I can’t help myself. There is something about concrete that goes under my skin. The guys behind seem to get better and better with every park they build so of course I am happy they are finally building one up in the north of Germany. Check out the pics below. The park opening is scheduled for May 16th, 2008!

Flensburg skatepark1

Flensburg skatepark2

Flensburg skatepark3

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