Construction of new concrete skatepark in Antwerpen, Belgium underway

Concrete bowl landscapes are popping up like Gremlins after a thunderstorm all over Europe. Team Pain has already built two parks in Belgium and are currently working on a new 2500m² skatepark in Antwerpen. And this one sounds just as nice as the one in Kortrijk.

The park will include a street area, a fullpipe with a cradle (ohhh yeah!), an entire bowl landscape AND as if that wasn’t enough, another individual pool! How do these people in Belgium get the government to build so many cool parks? How do they get American companies to do this? Let us all know, please. There are thousands of skaters in Europe tired of watching city councils let companies with little or no knowledge of skateboarding put together basically crappy skateparks.

Okay, enough of my ranting and raving: the park is scheduled to be finished in October of this year so Belgium is looking better and better for some skateboard touring. If you want to follow what is happening at the construction site, just go over to the Team Pain blog.

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