Converse – Thrasher Prevent This Tragedy Shoe Series

Converse - Thrasher Prevent This Tragedy Shoe Series

Converse Skateboarding has been working a lot on developing new shoes since they have found their way back into the skateboarding market. There were and of course still are many opinions still being voiced about the pros and the cons (ohh, what a coincidence!) about it all – I really don’t care.

And why? Because it’s not like all of the other companies are just in this business for having fun right? Whatever, I’m actually just interested in the new shoes which actually do look quite good and now they have teamed up with Thrasher Magazine with a series for the upcoming Prevent “This Tragedy” video.

The set is made up of the CTS and the CTS mid shoe models + Prevent This Tragedy t-shirts and hats. I’ll be trying to get my hands (and feet) on these and other Converse models to test them out…

» visit the Converse Skateboarding website
» or drop by the Thrasher Magazine website

the two shoe types from Converse

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