Copenhagen Pro 2007 results

Copenhagen Pro Skate 2007

Yet another contest I couldn’t make it to and this was one hell of a line up to see. The big story of the weekend is the return of Bastien Salabanzi to the contest scene after dropping out and losing many of his sponsors. He supposedly was skating in a pair of sneakers so messed up that it was amazing his feet didn’t get scratched up. It is great to hear a story like this one on a Monday morning.

It surely wasn’t just an easy run for Bastien either but he showed his skill and took first place after skating against a hord of Brazilian skaters (12 of the 26 skaters were Brazilians!). Well, here are the results and if want the whole story, go check it out from the great site

Vert results:

1. Rune Glifberg $2,500
2. Sandro Dias $2,000
3. Renton Millar $1,500
4. Jüergen Horrwarth $1,000
5. Mattias Ringström $900
6. Neil Hendrix $800
7. Adam Taylor $700
8. Nicky Guerrero $600
9. Terence Bougdour $500
10. Andy Scott $400

Street results:

1. Bastien Salabanzi $5,000
2. Wagner Ramos $2,500
3. Kerry Getz $2,000
4. Daniel Viera $1,750
5. Eero Antilla $1,500
6. Jani Laitala $1,250
7. Chris Pfanner $1,000
8. Willian Seco $900
9. Klaus Bohms $800
10. Ricardo Oliveira Assis $700
11. Steve Forstner $600
12. Roberto Aleman $500
13. Rodil Jr $400 (Hurt and did not skate the final)

Be sure to check out the videos as well:

– Vert videos
– Street videos
– Bowl jam videos

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