Copenhagen Pro 2008 street course pictures

The Copenhagen Pro 2008 contest is just over a month away and if you haven’t heard yet, the prize purse was raised by $20,000 bucks up to $70,000 (this numbers sting my eyes, anybody remember the days when you were completely stoked to win a deck???) to make it just a bit more attractive for those top skaters to get involved. But with money alone you won’t get the skaters you want to see so what do you do?

Take a park completely apart and have it rebuilt by a team led by none other than Mr Brent Kronmueller who is the guy behind The Berrics, The Zero Park, the opening parts in Lakai’s “Fully Flaired” video and a few other wooden structures. Yeah, he knows how to handle wood obviously. Well, the street course has been finished up and this Danish site called “Wunderbaum” (I wonder if it means anything in Danish, it’s the German word for those stinking deoderisers you hang up on your rearview mirror in your car…) which had the latest pics of the course….

Here are two pictures of the course and have a look at the rest over at the Wunderbaum site.

– Official Copenhagen Pro 2008 website

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