CPH Pro 2013 Street Skateboarding Finals Live Webcast

After an entire week of celebrating skateboarding, The CPH Pro 2013 will be holding the main event today with the street skateboarding finals taking place. You can follow all of the action right here with the live webcast and the following twelve skaters are in the finals! The webcast of the contest begins at 11 am EST or 5pm Copenhagen time. Tune in!

1. Evan Smith
2. Josef Scott Jatta
3. Luan Oliveira
4. Tommy Fynn
5. Shane O’Neill
6. Mark Suciu
7. Curren Caples
8. Austyn Gillette
9. Sean Malto
10. Max Genin
11. Silas Baxter-Neal
12. Wes Kremer

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