Crail Trucks nominated for major Brazilian media award

Crail Trucks have had their great website nominated for the Brazilian MMonline/MSN web awards for best website. Okay, this is not the usual news I would be putting up on the homepage but after taking a look at the site, I was convinced that the people behind creating the site deserve recognition.

The complete site is based on the user interactively getting involved with the site and controlling what can be seen on the screen. As you move your mouse up or down over the screen, new graphical elements keep flying in to rebuild a new environment for you to jump into and discover. Every area has a different screen with loads of small details and a good assortment of information to keep you busy. For example when you go and take a look at the products, the screen in built up in the background while a Crail truck acts as the loading animation. The screen then appears and the products are shown on individual pieces of paper which unfold to show a larger version when you click on them.

A lot of nice touches make this site my personal favorite and shows that skaters can make a good looking site with a lot of functionality behind it.

Go check the site: Crail Trucks

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