Crime in Stereo – “Is Dead” album from 2007

Crime in Stereo is Dead

Crime In Stereo have been dealing out their musical blows in the hardcore music genre since 2003 when they first became noticed through the split album with Kill Your Idol’s on the hardcore label Blackout! Records. I personally first started listening to them after their debut full-length release, Explosives and the Will to Use Them, came out early 2004 on Brightside Records. Fast paced vocals underlined with edgy guitars and rough bass lines made this record one of my favorites back then and I continued to follow the band’s development which was not exactly smooth when you look at the changes going on behind the scenes with the record companies.

They left Blackout! Records/Brightside for Nitro Records in 2005 for unknown or just plain unreleased reasons (one can only guess again…) but did release a four-song EP with the title “The Contract” before going ahead to record and push the “Fuel. Transit. Sleep” EP in the same year for Nitro Records. Two songs from this EP ended up on the following album “The Troubled Stateside” which was released in 2006.

Their latest release is called “Crime in Stereo is Dead” and was released after yet again leaving a company and signing to Bridge Nine Records who support and manage quite a few well-known bands. The old fans seem to have a split opinion about this newest effort as the Alex Dunne, Kristian Hallbert, Scotty Giffin, Mike Musilli and Gary Cioni have moved forward with their musical ambitions to integrate several new influences into the music. You can’t miss hearing that Crime in Stereo have picked up some new melodic beats (“Third Atlantic”, “Aniumal Pfarm”) and in some songs (Small Skeletal) they drift even towards the so-called emocore direction which could be a turnoff for those who just don’t want to listen to this type of music anymore. But overall Crime in Stereo deliver a powerful, energetic and successful mixture of their old style with some new ideas and carry this through to the end of this latest album.

I’ll give this record 6.5 from 10 points. A good listen especially if you like the overall sound of Crime in Stereo.

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