Daggermouth – Turf Wars album review


I got this CD sent to me as a part of a package from Smallman Records and I’m glad they did. Daggermouth comes out of the Vancouver music scene and began in 2004 with their melodic, slightly frantic punk styled music. You’ve got to be a fan of fast-paced drums mixed with quick beat changes to get into this record but that’s all good for me as the songs each bring their own melodies and a good portion of positive vibes.

With 11 songs which are all under 3 minutes long, this is a fast listen, almost too short but definitely worth listening to again and again. And with song titles like “Hey Nelson Go Jump On The Garbage “, “ou Can’t Soar Like An Eagle, When You Hang Out With Turkeys” or “Fact: Mike Peecher Rollerblades” you know that these guys understand how not to take it all too seriously.

Daggermouth MySpace page
Record Label: State of Mind Recordings
Record Label: Smallman Records

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