Daniel Mathieu From Expose Magazine About The DIY Projet 45 Skatepark

Project 45 and Daniel Mathieu

A few weeks ago I was as always checking new sites on the web for cool news to post here on Europeskate and I found out about an incredibly good looking DIY skatepark in Montreal, Canada aka “Projet 45”. Daniel Mathieu from Exposé Magazine was really cool about giving me an idea of the background behind this very promising looking skate project. All of the pictures below are from Daniel Mathieu, the ollie over the volcano above is Daniel himself, captured on film by Frenchie. Enjoy and go out and build something!

We found out by chance about this DIY skate spot. What is your connection to the project and who is involved?

My friends Yan Tremblay and Jo Michaud got us all motivated to build our own DIY spot. The project started in 2010 and now when we pour concrete up to 20-30 people show up to help out.

Park building!

Creating a spot like this obviously takes a lot of planning, time, money and manpower – could you give us some insight into how the project came about and how it developed into what it is?

The idea came after years of frustration waiting for the city to build a decent skatepark and to show them that it does not take much to do something good. In the province of Quebec the skatepark are really bad, so a bunch of old motivated guys decided to roll up their sleeves and they took out their shovels to build the project 45.

It’s all about passion and love for skateboarding!! If you put love in what you do, you will find time, money and manpower to do everything you want to do..people will follow you! From the start, Yan wanted to bring people to all collaborate and work together, it was his primary goal. Now new people come to help on every pouring day and it’s fun to see new people get involved and work together.

Do you have companies supporting the project?

Yes we’ve been getting good support from lots of people. EXO shop, Taz Skatepark, Seregraphie Mestizo, Pabst, Vans Canada, Mehrathon Trading, Lowcard and Exposé Mag.

Bob Lasalle

Will this spot be continuously developed and receive new obstacles when time/money/ideas are available?

We have tons of ideas! hopefully we are able to raise more money in 2012 but no matter what, more obstacles will be added. As long as people will believe in the Projet 45 and believe about the DIY mentality, the project will keep going.

What obstacles have been built up-to-date?

We have the quarter pipe section which consist of 2 6 foot walls with a bowl corner, a speed bump and the punk wall which is 8 foot tall, we have a little volcano, jersey barrier, pyramid hip, more speed bumps and the tombstone.

Eric Munier

Where is this DIY spot located or is it a local secret?

The spot is located in the back of Taz Skatepark (Montréal, Québec, Canada) and every one is welcome, just bring a couple beers for the locals.

Of course we also want to know what your connection to the Expose Mag is..let us know what the set-up is at Expose.

After contributing photos to every skateboard mag in Canada, I started Exposé Mag 9 years ago. We do 3 issues a year and we have a blog at exposemag.ca.

At work at the DIY Projet 45 park

Thanks to Daniel for his time to let us all see what goes into a DIY park. Want to keep up with skating in Canada and the Project 45? Then check out the following sites and bookmark them:
» Expose Magazine
» Project 45 Blog

Yanick Nolet

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