Danny Way planning to skate down the Luxor?

Danny Way and the Luxor hotel?

Rumours have turned up on the net ( check the article at TheVegasEye.com ) that Danny Way and a team of engineers have been seen at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas possibly planning a new mega jump which would give Danny the chance the skate down the side of the Luxor and – yeah it is yet again another insane thought – jump OVER the Sphynx in front! So we all thought that the 2006 24-foot bomb drop off of the Hard Rock Cafe guitar (which is 82 feet high by the way) was possibly where it could end but it seems not for Danny. And just in case you want to know: the Luxor is 350 feet tall.

How about you letting us know what Danny Way should try next, send in your comments…jumping from skyscraper to skyscraper maybe?? Evil Knievel lives man, just a different guy. Just to keep this clear: this is just a rumour. No confirmation has been seen or heard from either Danny Way or DC Shoes as of writing this.

Luxor hotel in Las Vegas
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