DC King of Barcelona contest in September

Started back in September 2006 DC Shoes began with the DC King of New York skateboard contest combined with a DC team tour and three weeks of skating the 5 Boroughs and one King of New York came out. The contest was such a big hit that DC is taking it a step further this year with three different cities (Los Angeles, Barcelona and Sydney) to host the events.

From what I could gather from the assorted sites (the DC site is currently a bit buggy, but we’re sure they will sort it out.) it looks like a asdfas was crowned as King of New York but please correct me if I am wrong. I put that together out of the scores I found on the internet so beware! If you want to catch the podcast you’ll have to go to this site and download it because the official link isn’t working either right now but here it is just in case here it is for the future:


The Los Angeles event was held back in June and July already with the King of LA being crowned: Vincent Alvarez who took home over $6000 in total winnings and of course the crown.

Starting September 1st the King of Barcelona will make the event go international, bringing the DC team over to the famous Spanish city. Three spots will be held in Barcelona: the picnic banks at Sant Estacio, the El MAresme Forums and the last spot is being held secret at the moment. 40 skaters will allowed to skate at every spot, each heat will have 10 skaters and the top 2 skaters advance. The cool element of the contest is that no pros and no paid ams can enter so this will definitely be a scorcher of a contest!

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