DC King Of LA 2008 results and pics

DC King Of LA 2008 results and pics

It is good to see that skate contests are actually heading back to the streets again, even with some major industry sponsorship going on, but it does give the feeling of skateboarding a bit more of that “real” feeling.

Never the less a lot of amateur heavy-hitters were in LA this October 18th, 2008 to find out who would become the next DC King of LA. Nick Merlino took the crown with $6,000 buck on top for 2008.

Overall Results of the King of LA 2008

Lockwood Ave Elementary
1st Place ($1000) – Ray Maldonado
2nd Place ($500) – Kirk Rocha
3rd Place ($400) – Ricky Webb
4th Place ($300) – Billy Davenport
5th Place ($200) – Dwayne Fagundes
6th Place ($100) – Cesar Fernandez

Belmont High
1st Place ($1000) – Nick Merlino
2nd Place ($500) – Ricky Webb
3rd Place ($400) – Kelan Dadd
4th Place ($300) – Trevor McClung
5th Place ($200) – Kevin Romar
6th Place ($100) – Mikey Sanchez

Nick Merlino, one happy winner!

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