DC Shoes Alicante Tour Clip ‘Endangered Tiger’

DC Shoes Alicante Tour Clip ‘Endangered Tiger’

The DC Shoes Germany / Austria team decided to tell the winter to fuck off and boarded a plane to Alicante, Spain earlier this year to escape the bad weather and enjoy skating outdoors. Here’s the video clip which was featured with photographs from the tour in the printed version of the Monster Skateboard magazine #320. On board were Fitschi, Fabian Lang, Ben Dillinger, Patrick Pittl, Stephan Günther and Daniel Ledermann.

What the meaning behind the title for the clip/tour is would be really interesting to know, any ideas somebody? ‘Tiger vom Aussterben bedroht’ translates to ‘Endangered Tiger’ – I haven’t picked up the latest Monster Mag yet so maybe it’s explained.

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