DC Shoes European tour and a vert slam

Ouch! Not the upcoming DC Shoes European tour that is but I’ll get to the “ouch” business in a second. The DC tour kicks off on July 12th with the DC team being split up into two groups, one taking on North Europe and the other South Europe. Stops will be made in Oslo, London, Stuttgart, Zürich, Turin und Malaga before both buses meet up again for a final demo and party in Paris, France.

The entire action will be covered with video footage and photgraphs on www.dcskateboarding.tv so try to make one of the demos or watch the site for all of the details. No news yet on exactly who’s going to be on board but I’ll find out!

Oh yeah, here’s a short video of a friend of Rob Dyrdek who never skated before. After checking out the flat, he decided what the fuck, I’ll drop the halfpipe….well, take a look, he “checked” out the flat again. He definitely took home a nice hipper with him 🙂

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