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Dead Mechanicals – Europeskate Music Tip

Pretty hard to find any information about Dead Mechanical out of Baltimore, Maryland but they have just brought out their second full-length album entitled “Addict Rhythms”, 12 song record which takes a few spins to get in your head the right way and then you just want to keep listening. Let us know what you think and maybe they’ll find a way to make it over the Atlantic to play in Europe!

Tracklist for Addict Rhythms:

01. Addict Rhythm (2:19)
02. Sidewalks (2:13)
03. Baltimore Calling (3:27)
04. Feathered Creatures (1:05)
05. Film At Forever (2:53)
06. Watchpost (3:04)
07. Last Show (2:03)
08. A World Of Mistakes (2:03)
09. All These Weathermen (2:19)
10. Binghamton Calling (2:57)
11. Pictures In The Hall (2:45)
12. Under The Leaves (3:18)

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