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Death Skateboards With New Pros And New Decks

8 Jan , 2013  

Death Skateboards With New Pros And New Decks

Death Skateboards welcome two new pro skaters to the team with Dean Palmer and Adam Moss who have been hooked up with Death Skateboards already.

Along with pro status comes the beloved wooden planks with their names on it and they are not stopping there: Richie Jackson has a new Stoned graphic pro model out this month as an 8.125 along with Patrick Melcher’s new Bottle deck in 8.25. Both decks have graphics by AyeJay. To push their recently released DVD there’s a new “Ordinary Madness” deck in 8.25 size coming our way as well. While you’re finding out where to get one, check out Dean Palmer easily skating an Australian spot to bits in this video clip below.

DEAN PALMER WILL BE AT THUNDERDOME from Skateboarding Australia on Vimeo.

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