Deck-O-Ration : Skateboard art session in Hamburg, Germany this weekend


This coming Saturday, July 21st, you should try to get yourself to Hamburg, Germany if you can to witness some of the scene’s best artists taking part in an all day skateboard art session for a great cause – to help support the Flora Skatepark in the Schanze area of Hamburg. The concrete self-made bowl area was started only a few months ago and already there is a cool bowl landscape ready to skate. Plans for future expansions are in the making. But his all needs money and support from the community!

What will be happening? The artists will be designing boards and auctioning these off later in the evening to help support the cause. Other artists include tattoo designers and graffiti artists who will strut their stuff. And to round off the whole event you can party until late in the evening for a simple 5 Euros. I know where I’ll be hanging on Saturday evening!

The event is being run and sponsored by To find out more (if you speak German) go to the website at

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