Delight Skateboards bowl comp in The Alley skatepark

Delight Skateboards Bowl Contest

Good that the contests keep floating in here. Delight Skateboards running out of Austria are spreading their wings towards England this December 8th and 9th to host the Delight Skateboards Bowl Competition at The Alley skatepark in Corby, England. And this weekend supposedly will be the grand opening for England’s largest halfpipe, a 70 foot wide monster!!

I’ve actually only been able to turn up one picture of the park ( straight from The Alley’s website ) so I have sent a message over to them to ask for more infos and details about the park and this mega-ramp.
The contest will be open for 16 year olds and older, first place bringing the winner one year sponsoring of products and expenses which is a damn good prize to receive and boards for the runners-up. The entrance fee has several people up in arms (check out the Sidewalk forum thread here) as it’s 15 £ a day and 24 £ for the weekend ticket.

Find the park right here:

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Bowl Contest

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